About PHP-CA

Amongst the current range of open source CA's, no extremely easy to setup and configure web-based offerings exist. I currently have a version of a (at the moment, basic) easy to use Certificate Authority that can be installed, and configured in a matter of minutes under an Apache/PHP webserver, and I would very much like to see to the evolution of this product under an open-source environment.

This project is intended to be useful to commercial organizations that want to quickly and easily configure a strong security solution to the standard username and password website access, for internal administration sites that do not require trusted root authority certified keys, but do requre a high level of network security.

In the process of developing this project, the intent is to make the application and retrieval of certificates as automatic as possible with the initial goal to have no need for physical administration of the system after the inital installation and configuration is done.

Copyright 2002, Ken Allan.
Licensed under the Open Software License version 1.1

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